Is quality part of added value or part of the basics? We believe the most important thing is to develop a product that truly makes a difference for you. We achieve this by observing the most stringent quality standards in each part of our chain.

La Concorde is affiliated with Royal A-ware, a Dutch dairy business specialised in the production, ripening, cutting, packaging, transporting, and sale of cheese and a whole range of other fresh food products. Royal A-ware works together with its partners in the chain to shorten and improve the profitability of agri-food chains. Taken together, La Concorde and Royal A-ware have the entire chain in-house: the high-quality milk comes from the dairy farms affiliated with Royal A-ware, while La Concorde turns this milk into high-quality cream products.

Chain director

As a chain director, Royal A-ware monitors the chain to make sure that there is a consistently high level of quality at every stage. By constantly assessing and assuring quality, Royal A-ware and La Concorde can work together to develop a high-quality product.

From consumer to cow

Royal A-ware has a unique vision of product development and innovation. The company's approach to directing the chain is informed by customer questions and requirements, which also guide how products are developed in the rest of the chain. This means we can be sure that our products are in line with customers’ demands in terms of quality and other aspects.

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La Concorde

As a cream producer, we process a ‘residual product’ from cheese production and turn it into a high-quality ingredient for a variety of food concepts, observing the most stringent quality standards throughout the production process. As La Concorde is fully aware of the fact that the ingredients we supply determine the appeal and richness of the final product's flavour, we never compromise on the quality of our product.

Our production facilities are state of the art, with a focus on efficiency, quality, tracing, and food safety. As these pillars are essential to our day-to-day management, we have ensured that they are firmly anchored and protected in our organisation. Our team is also well aware of the important task they perform each day. The quality of the end product is all about ensuring that our machinery and craftsmanship work in perfect harmony, so that every product that leaves our factory is of the highest quality.