Product range

Our range consists of fresh cream, sweetened cream, cooking cream, organic cream, and ice cream mix, all of which have a delicious taste and can be fully tailored to your requirements. We offer a broad range of custom-made flavours in packages ranging from 250-ml cups to 1,000-litre containers. Our products are marketed under our own La Concorde brand, or under a private label for client-specific recipes.


Sweetened cream

Perfect as a dessert garnish and for making ice cream.

  • Fresh, creamy flavour
  • Good consistency
  • For use with all ice cream machines

Fresh cream (35%)

Perfect for mousses, bavarois, and pastry garnishes. Also suitable for all culinary applications, cream sauces, soups, and light dressings.

Whipping cream (40%)

Whipping cream for all pastry and culinary applications. Firm consistency and airy texture for all of your culinary creations.

  • Whipping cream with excellent whipping properties
  • Authentic and rich cream flavour
  • Bright, white colour
  • Consistent quality
  • Excellent yield
  • Rich, creamy texture for use in both hot and cold dishes.

Cooking cream

This cooking cream is perfect for preparing sauces, soups, and other refined hot and cold dishes.

  • Does not separate when combined with acidic and/or alcoholic ingredients.
  • Stable when frozen and thawed
  • Thickens quickly for a refined, rich texture


The fat percentage and the contents can be adjusted at the client's request. If required, we can also package the products under a private label.

Product range


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